Luck, Fate, and the Void. A look at the 7th plane.

So I have talked a bit about the different dimensions/ planes of existence in previous posts but I wanted to take some time and talk about the 7th plane of existence. The 7th plane of existence (as I was taught it) is the realm of Fate. I will do my best to use general language and may end up talking in absolute but please know that as usual my thoughts in this piece are from my own experiences and from those close to me and may vary from your own. I also want to encourage questions on this piece because I would love to talk more about it and if something is either confusing or if you curious please feel free to ask. So without further ado, lets talk about the 7th.

So quick recap, when I say plane of existence or dimension, I am using the order of the planes of existence [singularity, narrative space, human existence, the astral plane, the realm of emotion, the realm of logic, then the realm of fate, ect..] and am focusing on the 7th, the realm of Fate. Can things from the other dimensions effect the 7th? Yes, normally it will be from dimensions higher than it, but lower can as well. Will the 7th manifest differently for each person? Absolutely because we each have our own role to fill. Can anyone freely manipulate Fate? Feel free to try, good luck! But let’s talk about the stuff filling the realm of Fate, Void.

So despite the oxymoron of something being filled with Void, it is the substance that allows for Fate to move, expand, flex, and overall exist in a stable state. So what is it? Well it is both the absolute lack of anything and at the same of time it has presence. It has a force so overpowering that is calls for you to become lost within it and just let yourself go. Become once again with this primordial dust. To me, void appears as loose black sand, constantly moving every which way. But yet it is able to be seen through and it doesn’t bother the ability to see. It is very fine, and seemingly has many areas where it become thicker than others. I said before it is a primordial dust, because to me it is that precursor of all. Everything started with the void, and in the end it will all return to it. It is ever constant and yet is such a great source of entropy. I truly cannot do it justice and will have to expand more on it at a later point but I will say this, the is powerful, wonderful, and ultimately uncaring. It is truly the beginning and the end.

Which takes us to Fate. Now I have talked about Fate a good bit in the working with Fate series (which I will go back to eventually but I got a backlog of stuff to get through first) so I won’t spend too long on this section. I will however talk about it’s relation to Void and to Luck. So Fate is the construct that exists in the Void. Fate is ever growing and expanding, and the Void has the space needed for it to grow and thrive. It has the building block and nutrients (so to speak) needed for Fate to grow. Speaking of growing, let’s talk about Luck. Luck is essentially a part of Fate that works to fix the issues that Fate inevitably develops. It can do this in a variety of ways but the important thing to take away from this is that Luck works for Fate. It does its best to smooth things over, but ultimately Fate will have its actions taken.

So Luck. Wow, where the heck to I begin. So Luck works for Fate similar to how a white blood cells works to help the body. It works on finding the strands of Fate that are frayed and either push for them to severed completely or repairs them. It spreads itself across large sections of Fate and works to fix areas that are in need of most repair or focus. By existing we are part of Fate, and by being part of Fate, Luck works on trying to make use perform what is needed from us and to best serve Fate as best we can. Without getting into it too much, Luck is how Fate interacts with us on an individual day to day level. And how we do will be saved for another time.

Thank you for reading everyone and I will be posting more soon!

Synchronicities Within Polytheistic Communities

A bit off the beaten path from what I normally would write about, but I wanted to voice my opinion on synchronicities within the polytheistic communities. So what do I mean when I say synchronicities with polytheistic communities? I am referring to the phenomena when two people of different cultus and practices come together and begin to find out that they are having oddly specific but incredibly similar experiences. Now I am mostly referring to personal gnosis experiences, but it can expand beyond that in some cases. The big things I want to address though is this: It is completely normal and okay for two completely different paths to have synchronicities. I am very much against the idea that two separate cultus can never converge at any point. Both gain understanding and credibility when synchronicities can be observed. To give a better understanding of my point here is an example:

I would like to point out that I am going to be using two individuals whose practice I am uncertain of and that I am just making up an example. I am going to do my best to keep things fair and to not besmirch either individual or the cultus they represent. If I makes a grievous error please let me know and I will address it ASAP. Person A is a devout worshipper of the Fates and Apollo from the Hellenism religions, spending a vast amount of time trying to understand their whims and the flow of Fate in the lives of individuals. Person B is a Seiðer worker from a Nordic Heathen religion, spending a vast amount of time learning and trying to understand the Weird. Person A and Person B go out to lunch (The most unlikely thing during this story because Yay covid times) and have a pleasant conversation about their respective spiritual works. Then Person B brings up a point about how when they are working with the Weird in Ginnungagap that they feel a strong pull towards the Weird and their body and mind melding with it (Again this is just an example not based on anyone’s actual experience, I do not practice either of these works nor do I know how they would function individually.) This strikes a cord with Person A, as they themselves had a very similar experience with their own practice. Person A then explains their experiences and the two swap commentary and notes and find them to be nearly identical experiences. Does this mean that Person A and Person B had the exact same experience? No. Does this mean the Person A and Person B should only take their experience as true and write off the other person’s experience? Also no. What I believe should be taken away from this experience is a sense of comradery and a good bit of wonder since a similar result occurred from two vastly different sources.

I personally love the idea that there are so many different cultus and practices that allow for good relation between people, spirits, deities, and others and that occasionally there will be these beautiful moments of deja vu and similar circumstance that just really reinforce one another. I do believe that ultimately it does not matter if these synchronicities are because these ideas are coming from a singular source, or just how the work is done is similar from one human experience to the next. Either way we should support one another and when things line up in a way that is almost too good to be true, it is okay that it does. Sometimes it may end of being something more, and sometimes it is just how we understand something much bigger than any one of us, but honestly sometimes the universe is just quirky like that.

What the Heck is Fate Magic? Part 2: Introducing Yourself to Fate

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of this series of What the Heck is Fate Magic? SOOOOOOOOoooooo this part is (in my opinion) the trickiest part of Fate Magic. Last part we talked about doing the journey to get to where Fate resides and now it is the part of introducing yourself to Fate. I am going to do my best to break this interaction down into parts to help people who may be interested but I first to address an issue. That issue being, everyone interprets this differently.

So what do I mean when I say that everyone interprets Fate differently? Well I mean just that. Everyone interprets Fate differently. Whether you did the journey work to the realm of Fate and are witnessing it, or if you are driving your car in traffic and you witness an accident, or if you are on a walk in the woods and you watch a butterfly land on a flower, your perception of the situation will be different from the person next to you. Now this can be as drastic as seeing two completely different events occur, or as subtle as what direction a breeze was blowing in, but it is important to makes this distinction now before getting into the rest of it. I am going to lay out groundwork that has allowed me to introduce myself to Fate and how I handled that interaction, but if you go and try this yourself or with a guide, it will be different. I have some theories as to why (I can get into those at later point) but for now just know that what I describe as Fate is mostly likely going to hit different per person. With that issue addressed lets get to chatting.

In the realm of Fate, suspended in Void, you see a large mass of fibers moving in the distance. It radiates with a gently yet gravitational energy that, even from so far away, pulls you gently towards it. As you approach you begin to notice little nodes, like stars in the night sky, connected between the fibers, clutching the fibers and acting as little epicenters for new fibers to spring out. These new fibers are in a constant state of touching and connecting to one another, moving the larger mass in a strange and complex way, but not too unlike muscle in our own body. Some of the fibers, seemingly made of gold or silver, or sometimes both, weave themselves together into thicker structures like rope and bring two of those star like centers closer together. The energy to almost overwhelming but it never destroys you, never hurts you, and you know deep down that you are part of it. You bring that thought up and hold it, and soon find your star, your collection of fibers and your place within the mass. You find your connection, some with silver stand, some with golden strands and you see those whom you are connected to, and by extension who they are connected to. You see broken strands, ripped and torn by an unseen force. You see a golden or is it orange mass moving about the strands, fixing the broken strands, moving stars, and holding some and that seem to benefit the mass around you. The mass you come to realize is fate, moving forward in some unseen and unknown pattern within the Void, its purpose is truly unknown to you but you feel compelled to do your part. From within your star you build up yourself and you say hello. The strands connected to you vibrate and your words seem to echo along them, like vibrations through a spider’s web. You feel a presence take notice of you, maybe right away, maybe hours from now, you are uncertain. It responds in deep feeling, your core of self responding to the stimulation of something that is both completely you and yet so alien. You respond with stimulation of your own, whether through words, feeling, prayers, or thoughts and it will respond in kind. The conversation won’t be long but it will be enough. Fate has taken notice of your ability to recognize it, and it can recognize you from within it’s mass.

From here we can actually start getting into doing some Fate Magic, but for that I will save until next time. This experience will be different for each person, and if you decide to meet Fate I would love to hear your experience with it. Thank you everyone and have a great day!

So What the Heck is Fate Magic? Part 1: The Journey To Meet Fate

So to even begin to try to answer that question I have to give a brief over view on how I interpret and how chaos magic was described to me regarding Fate. I am going to try to not go too crazy with the details to save on over-explaining. To start I am going to explain the different cosmological dimensions as they were described to me and how I interpret them.

The First Dimension is a point of singularity. On that dimension there is everything that ever is, was, or will be condensed on a singular point. All traces of identity are lost as the entirety of everything exists in a single point. The Second Dimension, also known as the narrative dimension, is the dimension where the entirety of existence exists as a two dimensional narrative. It allows for individual identity and allows for things to develop. Honestly this is the start of things getting extremely complicated and interacting with it is very odd. The Third Dimension is the wonderful fleshy filled existence that we all experience dominated by time. Third Dimension, best dimension!

Following that is the Fourth Dimension, as I like to call it the astral dimension. When someone leaves their body and begins a journey, their conciseness enters this “body” and allows for travel. Here time is at your whim, but you are still shackled by decisions. TLDR going backwards in time is easy because it is in the past, future is difficult due to branching decisions not only by you but by those around you, both physically and spiritually. Needless to say it gets very complicated and it is why trying to look too far forward becomes nigh impossible. But don’t worry it gets more confusing because this is also where the majority of journey works happens! Want to go to Yggdrasil? Without a guide good luck, with a guide it will happen in a flash! Repeat that for each known and unknown religion and cultus and places to journey within and this Dimension becomes sprawling. So don’t just journey into this Dimension Willy Nilly! Have a plan! Chart a course! Get a guide! Don’t be dumb! It is only going to be getting more complex from here!

The Fifth Dimension also known as the realm of emotion is debatably the most dangerous dimension. It is the collective emotion of everything, so it can be both extraordinarily calm one moment, and a hurricane another. A lot of the time this dimension reflects how you are truly feeling at the moment of travelling there, so not a great place to be if you are having a negative day. Not only that but this is also A realm of the Fey and Fair Folk, so traveling through can get tricky if someone decides to intervene. If there is a dimension to not poke things, Don’t Poke Things In This Dimension. Great for self reflection and shadow work though.

The Sixth Dimension, the realm of Logic. Honestly my personal least favorite dimension since it feels like I can’t breathe in there. So in this dimension, it is dominated by the individual’s understanding of logic. For example: I breathe in air, so I take in oxygen through the air, the oxygen is exchanged with CO2 in the alveoli, hemoglobin then grabs onto the oxygen which then travels it throughout the body. On this dimension, getting bits of that wrong can be painful and make it hard to breathe. Of course if you don’t think that, then it isn’t an issue. However it also can be very rewarding to have a space that responds to purely logical thought. Just try to stay on task.

The Seventh Dimension, and the goal of the journey, the Realm of Fate. Outside of Third Dimension, it is my favorite and where I feel at easy. The dimension exists in the Void, a realm of infinite expanse, with everything within being both far away and a breathe away at once. The major thing with this Dimension is the Body of Fate. I will go into depth about how I interpret Fate in the next post but it appears different to each individual and it is awe-inspiring to most. Honestly it is majestic. Luck is there as well but THAT is going to get it’s own series of posts.

Above this Dimension lies a barrier, the collective unconscious. Without extensive journey experience and having multiple journey partners, no one should try to go past this barrier. Past that leads into the realm of Aspects and Concepts, and losing oneself becomes a genuine threat. For many reasons I will not further explain in this post and I would defer to individuals far more experienced than myself for such information.

So there we have it, the path to the Realm of Fate. I would recommend individuals get a guide for the first 2 or 3 times (depending on comfort level) before making the journey yourself. In the next part I will talk about Fate, as an entity and what has worked for me in terms of contact. Until then have a great day and practice safely!

Hello Hello!

Hello and Welcome to my what it is going to be the beginning of my blog/ random ramblings when my brain so chooses. For those who do not know me, my name is Jason Davis and I am polytheist pagan working from the lens of chaos magic. I started (In a more focused manner) working with magic about 3 years ago and have been having quite a ride. One of my goals with this blog is to share some of those stories with you! Another goal is to share what I know with regards to Fate, Luck , and Void Magic. These are the “fields” of magic that I feel most comfortable and have the most intuitive feelings towards. I hope to share what I know and I hope chat and expand both what I know and what people seem interested in. I may also post a few other off shoot blog works if people would be interested in my opinion about non-magic related things. I look forward to chatting with all of you!

Info dump! My main patrons I work with are Manannán mac Lir, Loki, and Dionysos. I do also work with a few connected deities and spirits as well (example: I work with Odin some because of their connection with Loki). I am learning chaos magic under the tutelage of Mother Multiverse. I am a cis heterosexual monogamous white male. I welcome all people regardless of gender, sexual preference, or ethnicity. Thank you for reading all the way to the end and I look forward to posting more soon!

If you wish to reach out individually, my email is