So I have talked a bit about the different dimensions/ planes of existence in previous posts but I wanted to take some time and talk about the 7th plane of existence. The 7th plane of existence (as I was taught it) is the realm of Fate. I will do my best to use general language and may end up talking in absolute but please know that as usual my thoughts in this piece are from my own experiences and from those close to me and may vary from your own. I also want to encourage questions on this piece because I would love to talk more about it and if something is either confusing or if you curious please feel free to ask. So without further ado, lets talk about the 7th.

So quick recap, when I say plane of existence or dimension, I am using the order of the planes of existence [singularity, narrative space, human existence, the astral plane, the realm of emotion, the realm of logic, then the realm of fate, ect..] and am focusing on the 7th, the realm of Fate. Can things from the other dimensions effect the 7th? Yes, normally it will be from dimensions higher than it, but lower can as well. Will the 7th manifest differently for each person? Absolutely because we each have our own role to fill. Can anyone freely manipulate Fate? Feel free to try, good luck! But let’s talk about the stuff filling the realm of Fate, Void.

So despite the oxymoron of something being filled with Void, it is the substance that allows for Fate to move, expand, flex, and overall exist in a stable state. So what is it? Well it is both the absolute lack of anything and at the same of time it has presence. It has a force so overpowering that is calls for you to become lost within it and just let yourself go. Become once again with this primordial dust. To me, void appears as loose black sand, constantly moving every which way. But yet it is able to be seen through and it doesn’t bother the ability to see. It is very fine, and seemingly has many areas where it become thicker than others. I said before it is a primordial dust, because to me it is that precursor of all. Everything started with the void, and in the end it will all return to it. It is ever constant and yet is such a great source of entropy. I truly cannot do it justice and will have to expand more on it at a later point but I will say this, the is powerful, wonderful, and ultimately uncaring. It is truly the beginning and the end.

Which takes us to Fate. Now I have talked about Fate a good bit in the working with Fate series (which I will go back to eventually but I got a backlog of stuff to get through first) so I won’t spend too long on this section. I will however talk about it’s relation to Void and to Luck. So Fate is the construct that exists in the Void. Fate is ever growing and expanding, and the Void has the space needed for it to grow and thrive. It has the building block and nutrients (so to speak) needed for Fate to grow. Speaking of growing, let’s talk about Luck. Luck is essentially a part of Fate that works to fix the issues that Fate inevitably develops. It can do this in a variety of ways but the important thing to take away from this is that Luck works for Fate. It does its best to smooth things over, but ultimately Fate will have its actions taken.

So Luck. Wow, where the heck to I begin. So Luck works for Fate similar to how a white blood cells works to help the body. It works on finding the strands of Fate that are frayed and either push for them to severed completely or repairs them. It spreads itself across large sections of Fate and works to fix areas that are in need of most repair or focus. By existing we are part of Fate, and by being part of Fate, Luck works on trying to make use perform what is needed from us and to best serve Fate as best we can. Without getting into it too much, Luck is how Fate interacts with us on an individual day to day level. And how we do will be saved for another time.

Thank you for reading everyone and I will be posting more soon!