A bit off the beaten path from what I normally would write about, but I wanted to voice my opinion on synchronicities within the polytheistic communities. So what do I mean when I say synchronicities with polytheistic communities? I am referring to the phenomena when two people of different cultus and practices come together and begin to find out that they are having oddly specific but incredibly similar experiences. Now I am mostly referring to personal gnosis experiences, but it can expand beyond that in some cases. The big things I want to address though is this: It is completely normal and okay for two completely different paths to have synchronicities. I am very much against the idea that two separate cultus can never converge at any point. Both gain understanding and credibility when synchronicities can be observed. To give a better understanding of my point here is an example:

I would like to point out that I am going to be using two individuals whose practice I am uncertain of and that I am just making up an example. I am going to do my best to keep things fair and to not besmirch either individual or the cultus they represent. If I makes a grievous error please let me know and I will address it ASAP. Person A is a devout worshipper of the Fates and Apollo from the Hellenism religions, spending a vast amount of time trying to understand their whims and the flow of Fate in the lives of individuals. Person B is a Seiðer worker from a Nordic Heathen religion, spending a vast amount of time learning and trying to understand the Weird. Person A and Person B go out to lunch (The most unlikely thing during this story because Yay covid times) and have a pleasant conversation about their respective spiritual works. Then Person B brings up a point about how when they are working with the Weird in Ginnungagap that they feel a strong pull towards the Weird and their body and mind melding with it (Again this is just an example not based on anyone’s actual experience, I do not practice either of these works nor do I know how they would function individually.) This strikes a cord with Person A, as they themselves had a very similar experience with their own practice. Person A then explains their experiences and the two swap commentary and notes and find them to be nearly identical experiences. Does this mean that Person A and Person B had the exact same experience? No. Does this mean the Person A and Person B should only take their experience as true and write off the other person’s experience? Also no. What I believe should be taken away from this experience is a sense of comradery and a good bit of wonder since a similar result occurred from two vastly different sources.

I personally love the idea that there are so many different cultus and practices that allow for good relation between people, spirits, deities, and others and that occasionally there will be these beautiful moments of deja vu and similar circumstance that just really reinforce one another. I do believe that ultimately it does not matter if these synchronicities are because these ideas are coming from a singular source, or just how the work is done is similar from one human experience to the next. Either way we should support one another and when things line up in a way that is almost too good to be true, it is okay that it does. Sometimes it may end of being something more, and sometimes it is just how we understand something much bigger than any one of us, but honestly sometimes the universe is just quirky like that.