Hello and welcome to Part 2 of this series of What the Heck is Fate Magic? SOOOOOOOOoooooo this part is (in my opinion) the trickiest part of Fate Magic. Last part we talked about doing the journey to get to where Fate resides and now it is the part of introducing yourself to Fate. I am going to do my best to break this interaction down into parts to help people who may be interested but I first to address an issue. That issue being, everyone interprets this differently.

So what do I mean when I say that everyone interprets Fate differently? Well I mean just that. Everyone interprets Fate differently. Whether you did the journey work to the realm of Fate and are witnessing it, or if you are driving your car in traffic and you witness an accident, or if you are on a walk in the woods and you watch a butterfly land on a flower, your perception of the situation will be different from the person next to you. Now this can be as drastic as seeing two completely different events occur, or as subtle as what direction a breeze was blowing in, but it is important to makes this distinction now before getting into the rest of it. I am going to lay out groundwork that has allowed me to introduce myself to Fate and how I handled that interaction, but if you go and try this yourself or with a guide, it will be different. I have some theories as to why (I can get into those at later point) but for now just know that what I describe as Fate is mostly likely going to hit different per person. With that issue addressed lets get to chatting.

In the realm of Fate, suspended in Void, you see a large mass of fibers moving in the distance. It radiates with a gently yet gravitational energy that, even from so far away, pulls you gently towards it. As you approach you begin to notice little nodes, like stars in the night sky, connected between the fibers, clutching the fibers and acting as little epicenters for new fibers to spring out. These new fibers are in a constant state of touching and connecting to one another, moving the larger mass in a strange and complex way, but not too unlike muscle in our own body. Some of the fibers, seemingly made of gold or silver, or sometimes both, weave themselves together into thicker structures like rope and bring two of those star like centers closer together. The energy to almost overwhelming but it never destroys you, never hurts you, and you know deep down that you are part of it. You bring that thought up and hold it, and soon find your star, your collection of fibers and your place within the mass. You find your connection, some with silver stand, some with golden strands and you see those whom you are connected to, and by extension who they are connected to. You see broken strands, ripped and torn by an unseen force. You see a golden or is it orange mass moving about the strands, fixing the broken strands, moving stars, and holding some and that seem to benefit the mass around you. The mass you come to realize is fate, moving forward in some unseen and unknown pattern within the Void, its purpose is truly unknown to you but you feel compelled to do your part. From within your star you build up yourself and you say hello. The strands connected to you vibrate and your words seem to echo along them, like vibrations through a spider’s web. You feel a presence take notice of you, maybe right away, maybe hours from now, you are uncertain. It responds in deep feeling, your core of self responding to the stimulation of something that is both completely you and yet so alien. You respond with stimulation of your own, whether through words, feeling, prayers, or thoughts and it will respond in kind. The conversation won’t be long but it will be enough. Fate has taken notice of your ability to recognize it, and it can recognize you from within it’s mass.

From here we can actually start getting into doing some Fate Magic, but for that I will save until next time. This experience will be different for each person, and if you decide to meet Fate I would love to hear your experience with it. Thank you everyone and have a great day!