So to even begin to try to answer that question I have to give a brief over view on how I interpret and how chaos magic was described to me regarding Fate. I am going to try to not go too crazy with the details to save on over-explaining. To start I am going to explain the different cosmological dimensions as they were described to me and how I interpret them.

The First Dimension is a point of singularity. On that dimension there is everything that ever is, was, or will be condensed on a singular point. All traces of identity are lost as the entirety of everything exists in a single point. The Second Dimension, also known as the narrative dimension, is the dimension where the entirety of existence exists as a two dimensional narrative. It allows for individual identity and allows for things to develop. Honestly this is the start of things getting extremely complicated and interacting with it is very odd. The Third Dimension is the wonderful fleshy filled existence that we all experience dominated by time. Third Dimension, best dimension!

Following that is the Fourth Dimension, as I like to call it the astral dimension. When someone leaves their body and begins a journey, their conciseness enters this “body” and allows for travel. Here time is at your whim, but you are still shackled by decisions. TLDR going backwards in time is easy because it is in the past, future is difficult due to branching decisions not only by you but by those around you, both physically and spiritually. Needless to say it gets very complicated and it is why trying to look too far forward becomes nigh impossible. But don’t worry it gets more confusing because this is also where the majority of journey works happens! Want to go to Yggdrasil? Without a guide good luck, with a guide it will happen in a flash! Repeat that for each known and unknown religion and cultus and places to journey within and this Dimension becomes sprawling. So don’t just journey into this Dimension Willy Nilly! Have a plan! Chart a course! Get a guide! Don’t be dumb! It is only going to be getting more complex from here!

The Fifth Dimension also known as the realm of emotion is debatably the most dangerous dimension. It is the collective emotion of everything, so it can be both extraordinarily calm one moment, and a hurricane another. A lot of the time this dimension reflects how you are truly feeling at the moment of travelling there, so not a great place to be if you are having a negative day. Not only that but this is also A realm of the Fey and Fair Folk, so traveling through can get tricky if someone decides to intervene. If there is a dimension to not poke things, Don’t Poke Things In This Dimension. Great for self reflection and shadow work though.

The Sixth Dimension, the realm of Logic. Honestly my personal least favorite dimension since it feels like I can’t breathe in there. So in this dimension, it is dominated by the individual’s understanding of logic. For example: I breathe in air, so I take in oxygen through the air, the oxygen is exchanged with CO2 in the alveoli, hemoglobin then grabs onto the oxygen which then travels it throughout the body. On this dimension, getting bits of that wrong can be painful and make it hard to breathe. Of course if you don’t think that, then it isn’t an issue. However it also can be very rewarding to have a space that responds to purely logical thought. Just try to stay on task.

The Seventh Dimension, and the goal of the journey, the Realm of Fate. Outside of Third Dimension, it is my favorite and where I feel at easy. The dimension exists in the Void, a realm of infinite expanse, with everything within being both far away and a breathe away at once. The major thing with this Dimension is the Body of Fate. I will go into depth about how I interpret Fate in the next post but it appears different to each individual and it is awe-inspiring to most. Honestly it is majestic. Luck is there as well but THAT is going to get it’s own series of posts.

Above this Dimension lies a barrier, the collective unconscious. Without extensive journey experience and having multiple journey partners, no one should try to go past this barrier. Past that leads into the realm of Aspects and Concepts, and losing oneself becomes a genuine threat. For many reasons I will not further explain in this post and I would defer to individuals far more experienced than myself for such information.

So there we have it, the path to the Realm of Fate. I would recommend individuals get a guide for the first 2 or 3 times (depending on comfort level) before making the journey yourself. In the next part I will talk about Fate, as an entity and what has worked for me in terms of contact. Until then have a great day and practice safely!