Hello and Welcome to my what it is going to be the beginning of my blog/ random ramblings when my brain so chooses. For those who do not know me, my name is Jason Davis and I am polytheist pagan working from the lens of chaos magic. I started (In a more focused manner) working with magic about 3 years ago and have been having quite a ride. One of my goals with this blog is to share some of those stories with you! Another goal is to share what I know with regards to Fate, Luck , and Void Magic. These are the “fields” of magic that I feel most comfortable and have the most intuitive feelings towards. I hope to share what I know and I hope chat and expand both what I know and what people seem interested in. I may also post a few other off shoot blog works if people would be interested in my opinion about non-magic related things. I look forward to chatting with all of you!

Info dump! My main patrons I work with are Manannán mac Lir, Loki, and Dionysos. I do also work with a few connected deities and spirits as well (example: I work with Odin some because of their connection with Loki). I am learning chaos magic under the tutelage of Mother Multiverse. I am a cis heterosexual monogamous white male. I welcome all people regardless of gender, sexual preference, or ethnicity. Thank you for reading all the way to the end and I look forward to posting more soon!

If you wish to reach out individually, my email is jkdavis713@gmail.com