Jason Davis

Polytheistic Pagan and Chaos Magician


Jason is a Polytheistic Pagan and Chaos Magician based out of Michigan. He has been practicing since 2018. He started out with chaos magic and it has slowly developed into a full time polytheistic practice.

He currently focuses on trying to develop and teach Fate, Luck, and Void magic with integrated methods from both pagan and chaos magic perspectives.

Currently is living in Michigan with his Fiancée Corinne and their two cats Ash and Pine.


Jason is always available via email at: jkdavis713@gmail.com

Luck, Fate, and the Void. A look at the 7th plane.

So I have talked a bit about the different dimensions/ planes of existence in previous posts but I wanted to take some time and talk about the 7th plane of existence. The 7th plane of existence (as I was taught it) is the realm of Fate. I will do my best to use general language…

Synchronicities Within Polytheistic Communities

A bit off the beaten path from what I normally would write about, but I wanted to voice my opinion on synchronicities within the polytheistic communities. So what do I mean when I say synchronicities with polytheistic communities? I am referring to the phenomena when two people of different cultus and practices come together and…